Marketing Strategies

One of the things that sets one Realtor apart from another is the way in which they market your property. In today’s world that translates into how much Internet marketing is done on your behalf. We recognize this and spend quite a good share of our marketing budget on making sure your home is easily accessible to anyone regardless of the search engine they use. Our website links to Trulia, AOL, Point-2-Homes, Yahoo and many more.

In addition, your property is posted not only on MLS, but we have an upgraded website on, the largest real estate website in the nation. Your home is showcased with tons of additional information not seen on MLS. Our own website,, also links to other major real estate websites including, Zillow,, and many, many others that buyers utilize. All of this means that if a buyer is searching anywhere on the internet, they are going to see your home which in turn brings inquiries to our office about it.

When your home is shown, the agent is asked to give feedback indicating their buyer’s reaction to your home. They receive 3 requests from us for this; not all agents will take the time to do so, but we make sure that what feedback we receive is given to you so you can see how the home is being viewed by others. It identifies your home’s strong points and what might need special attention.

We also provide full color flyers and/or brochures in your home so the buyer will have information to take with them when they leave. We also include the seller’s disclosure and copies of the survey if it is available. This is invaluable as it keeps your home in front of the buyer even as they are viewing other homes. On properties with acreage, we always have a virtual tour to showcase the exterior amenities as well as the land. On smaller lots, we have a slideshow set to music as well as still photos.