The Paperwork

The first step in selling your home is to enter into a listing agreement, a contract between all legal owners and me, the listing agent and REALTOR. This is a contract describing the terms of the listing including price, length of time, our legal obligations to you and commission that will be earned. This is an exclusive right-to-sell agreement, meaning that we are the only Realtor who can market your home during this time period and the commission is earned regardless of who finds a buyer during the listing period. For example, if you find a friend who wants to buy your home, your broker still gets a commission.

In many cases another REALTOR will bring a buyer for your home. This second agent is called the cooperating broker, and represents the buyer as a buyer’s agent. Your agent represents you as the listing agent, and will agree to pay the cooperating broker a fee from the amount that you pay them to sell your home. Cooperation terms and compensating other brokers are included in the listing agreement.

Step by Step

  1. Initial listing appointment.
    1. Discuss your time frame and go over the market analysis
    2. Go over possible improvements and/or changes to best present your home for marketing
  2. Signing of required documents.
    1. Listing Agreement
    2. Seller’s Disclosure
    3. Information on Brokerage Services
    4. Other applicable disclosures
  3. Set time for my assistant to come in
    1. Measuring room dimensions
    2. Taking photos
    3. Listing features and amenities
  4. Setting up the listing
    1. Input into MLS (Multiple Listing Service), my personal website and all other websites weuse, including
    2. Install the sign in the yard and the electronic keybox on the door
    3. Display full color flyers and disclosures inside home for buyers to keep